Listen to HALFNOISE’s heartbreaking “All That Love Is”

Paramore’s Zac Farro keeps proving that his other band is really great, too.

April 05, 2018
Listen to HALFNOISE’s heartbreaking “All That Love Is” Phoenix Johnson

Zac Farro is one of the founding and current members of the very iconic group, Paramore. Amazingly, he also has an equally thrilling band of his own called HALFNOISE that he started around 2012. Zac plays all the instruments and sings on the psychrock project and will release a new EP this year. Today, The FADER is premiering “All That Love Is,” a swirling track about losing love and feeling some real up and downs.


In an email to The FADER, Farro described how the song plays around with happy/sad dynamics. ""All That Love Is" for me comes from a place of thinking through past relationships and moments in my life where I've experienced loss or that feeling as humans that we all feel of being let down by love," he said. "Musically, I wanted it to feel hopeful and upbeat and fun, but lyrically it's describing these visual moments of "empty corners" and "holes in the asphalt" - missing pieces. I believe in love, but it's also left me wondering is this all that love is?"

Listen below.

Listen to HALFNOISE’s heartbreaking “All That Love Is”