Is Freddie Gibbs about to drop an R&B album?

Freddie is coming.

June 21, 2018

It's been over a year since Freddie Gibbs dropped his third solo album You Only Live 2wice, and it appears the Gary, Indiana rapper may be gearing up to release a new project. On Thursday he shared a trailer for an album called Freddie, and it features Gibbs playing a D-grade '80s R&B artist, complete with warbling runs. Watch it above.


Is he gearing up for a new direction? Probably not, but there is some indication that a project may be imminent: Gibbs tweeted "Freddie. 2nite." on Thursday afternoon, and the commercial's tracklist seems mostly legit, with an 03 Greedo feature on the song "Death Row" and "Automatic," produced by "Kenneth Beats." Of course, the song "Bitch Clean These Sheets," a cover of "Between The Sheets" By The Isley Brothers Gibbs sings in the commercial, sticks out like a sore thumb. The FADER has reached out for more information.

Is Freddie Gibbs about to drop an R&B album?