Hear Laura Jean Anderson’s “Love You Most”

Timeless not-quite-love song.

June 22, 2018
Hear Laura Jean Anderson’s “Love You Most” Kaia D'alora

I love this Laura Jean Anderson song because I can’t tell if it’s actually retro or not. Reminds me of what Rostam and Hamilton were working on a couple years back, or what Wet did on their new song out today: ’50s instrumentation, filtered in and out as if through AM radio, but always with a kind of wink that says, like, “being in love still flops after all these years.”


“This song is about someone I loved who was with someone else,” she says. “I wrote it when traveling, as my mind began spiraling down a rabbit hole of all the irrational things I would do to win them over. Though the song feels lighthearted, as if happily in love, it is actually a reflection of deep heartbreak and denial. In life, I often feel like I can't spit out the words I want to say, but in song, I can do and say anything that I want, spilling out my darkest desires.”

Aha — that makes it even better.

The song is out now on all platforms via B3SCI Records.

Hear Laura Jean Anderson’s “Love You Most”