Helena Deland’s “Claudion” will make you love synth-pop


July 25, 2018
Helena Deland’s “Claudion” will make you love synth-pop Maya Fuhr

Earlier this year in March, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Helena Deland released From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. I & II, a four-song EP of moody, synth-backed pop songs that rolls in like a wall of clear mist. Now, she is gearing up for the release of Vol. III & IV, a follow up EP, with the debut of her new single "Claudion," which we are sharing here today on The FADER. It is a sleek affair with soft, pulsating synths, and her smokey voice builds up to a hook that dazzles like a handful of glitter in the air. If you have not been fully converted to the lures of synth-pop yet, this will do it for you.


Of the track, Deland wrote via email: "'Claudion' is generally about being relieved of anxious thought patterns by someone’s unfaltering camaraderie and support, and specifically about this codependency being exemplified by a very intense night out with my oldest friend that would have left me completely helpless if it hadn’t been for their presence and availability." Hug one of your friends today and listen to "Claudion" below.

Helena Deland’s “Claudion” will make you love synth-pop