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See Charly Bliss bring “Capacity” to The FADER FORT

Foil-fringe high-fashion.

March 14, 2019

Charly Bliss are one of the most exciting indie rock bands working right now, and their next album, Young Enough, due out May 10, is going to fully establish them as one of the best guitar groups in the world. Also, Eva Hendricks, the band's lead singer, wore an outfit so brilliant on stage at today's FADER FORT that it almost defied definition. One member of The FADER's editorial team tried to compare her foil-fringe look to a high-fashion aluminum Christmas tree, which almost gets it right. Figure it out for yourself while watching Charly Bliss run through their gorgeous new electro-pop-heavy single, "Capacity," at the top of the page.

See Charly Bliss bring “Capacity” to The FADER FORT