Jimi Somewhere sets fire to it all in his “Blue Skies” video

Watch the Norewgian alt-pop star’s video ahead of new EP Ponyboy.

April 04, 2019

There's a moment in Jimi Somewhere's "Blue Skies" video when it all starts to go wrong for the 20-year-old Norwegian artist. Madly in love with his girlfriend, Jimi crouches anxiously by a car as he takes petrol from it in order to get away from his idyllic, if somewhat quiet, hometown. However, the pair can't seem to agree on what comes next and soon enough that petrol is being used for much darker purposes.


The change in tone is reflected in the music of "Blue Skies," which twists and turns from a sugary sweet ode into something more abrasive and exposed as things fall apart on screen. "Blue Skies" is the latest track to come from the Ponyboy EP, due for release on April 5, and one of his most ambitious moments to date.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Jimi Somewhere said he needed a video as ambitious as his music. “The video was written and directed by myself and my friend Martin Kopperud. We wanted to make something that felt like a short film. Some coming of age shit. I love movies and while writing songs I try to write as cinematically as possible. So finally having the budget to make a video that felt like a movie too was so sick.

"This was my first time directing and it was such a learning experience, but the whole crew was so amazing. 'Blue Skies’ is me reminiscing about a heartbreak I went through when I was, like, 15. Being young and in love can be so painful.”

Jimi Somewhere's Ponyboy EP is out on Friday, April 5
Jimi Somewhere sets fire to it all in his “Blue Skies” video