Eric Biddines Announces His Arrival With The “Whole Trunk” Music Video

The South Florida rapper pens an ode to a whip packed with speakers.

November 17, 2016

Discussing his new music video "Whole Trunk" with The FADER over email, Eric Biddines explained that where he comes from, a car's sound system was more than just an accessory. "Having a lot of speakers in your trunk was a cultural thing in South Florida. You were going to get your speakers hooked up in your car before you even cut your grass or got electrical wiring in your house." This passion, visualized in the clip with lingering shots of a classic Chevrolet, is weaved into the song as well, with Biddines's creaky twang laying out the fine details of his automotive lifestyle.


Eric also told us about his first car. "I was 19, it was a 1985 Chevy Caprice. When you first get in it, it's like a spaceship. You feel like you're a part of a car as opposed to something modern because it floats so well that you feel the engine. You really live it."

Eric Biddines's new album The Local Cafe is out January 27. Preorder it here.