Kanye West Just Added Dozens Of Images To His Instagram

The images, which are reportedly part of a new installation from the rapper, are the first he’s shared since joining the social media site in mid-September.

November 20, 2016

While hip-hop fans continues to reel from Kanye West's showending speech at his concert in Sacramento last night, the rapper appears ready to change the conversation completely.


Around 4:30 p.m. EST, West added images to his brand new Instagram account for the first time since mid-September, when he shared a still from the 1990s film, Total Recall. In just two hours, he has posted more than 75 pictures, many of them from the Margiela lookbook. None of the images bear captions or any sort of explanation, but according to an Instagram post from Eli Russell Linnetz, the 20-something director behind West's "Famous" video, the images are part of a new (apparently) Instagram-based installation from the rapper.

At the time of this posting, West was still actively posting images to his Instagram page, so head over to see the whole show.