Mack Mittens

March 09, 2005

We braved some iceberg windtunnel conditions to hit up the Beanie Sigel press party last night. Dame was there, resplendent in a knit Phillies Blunt hat - with puffball on the top! - and matching State Prop jacket ("I don't want to be one of those dudes who wears their coat inside, I just like my outfit. But I like my outfit every day.") and he shouted out all manner of Roc-related hustles before introducing The B. Coming.

Instead of a typical listening event snoozefest, the album was presented as a film - studio clips cut with interviews and music videos, as Beans' lyrics scrolled underneath in follow-the-bouncing-red-ball format (not at all corny, surprisingly enough).

Beatwise, in-house Philly producers Chad "Wes" Hamilton and Boola steal the show with "Got To Have It" and "Flatline" (not surprisingly, those tracks also featured Peedi Crakk on assist), but the night belonged to Sigel. His mom, sister and aunt were all in attendance, clapping after every track; but despite the celebratory mood and Armadale cocktails, the promo images of an actually-incarcerated Beanie plastered across the walls would be impossible to shake on the icy walk home.

Posted: March 09, 2005
Mack Mittens