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Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Never ones to shy away from far-flung intersections of art and music, a few of us hoofed it out to the Nokia-sponsored Warm Up Series at PS1 in Long Island City this past weekend. Deep tuneage courtesy of techno/house guru Josh Wink plus Stacey Pullen (aka Kosmic Messenger) and Brennan Green caused major shirtless tribal brodowns on the outdoor dancefloor. Does that sound icky? Because it totally wasn’t. After several rounds of house spirits (read: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) we moseyed inside for the megaginormotron art show, Greater New York - a selection of 150 of the area’s up and comers in painting, drawing, video and vacuum tubing installation. A few hours later, we emerged from culture hold to find hundreds of Target beach balls raining down from on high like some sort of blessed corporate-sponsored manna from heaven. Aforementioned shirtless bro-downers were psyched, Josh Wink put ficky to the icky and we all sighed with delight.

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink