May The Force Be With You

If Darth Vader had ever traded his imperial star destroyer in for a bike (all those nasty fuel emissions!) then he’d probably be cycling around outer space in one of these Vexed Generation/Puma cycle joints. Vexed Generation has always been on a quasi Star Wars tip—they made their name fashioning aphex twins style shit (crazy pockets peaked hoodies) back in the late ‘90s—so it’s good to see the London collective back on the fashion map. There are only 20 of these pieces floating around the States (Reed Space has a few). We particularly like the fact that they are winter-proof, so you can kiss all those embarrassing frozen snot moments goodbye.

POSTED November 2, 2005 3:41PM IN MUSIC Comments (1)




  1. Ok is it me or are these things getting more and more popular? Not that its a hoodie but look at the dang Snuggy, I would have never guessed that those would become a hot item.