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The downside of being a card-carrying mixtape addict is that you sometimes hit some dust bowl-level droughts that make you question why you even bother refreshing Mix Unit every 30 minutes. We love Cam vs. Jay Wrestlemania Cage Match Mash Ups Volume 9 as much as the next fight fan, but, seeing as how rap hop has been a little slow out the gate with new jams for '06, we were starting to get a little antsy. Enter OG in the game Dirty Harry and his new mix The Warriors. Prayers=answered.

Harry is known for being on some Grey's Anatomy-shit, surgically putting together brilliant blends, making you view entire tracks or verses in a totally different way. On The Warriors Harry goes for the gold with his alchemy thing. On "Get Ya Grind On," the dude fits Freeway, Pun and Fat Joe's verses from the Biggie Duets album over the beat from Nas's slept on classic, "Shootouts." When Jose the Great spits "Word to Crack, the god body, the hard body, the realest ever/ The John Gotti, this rap shit, will it kill me? Never," IT IS ON.

Other thoroughness includes hearing M.O.P. and Lloyd Banks over Jeezy's "Go Crazy," (CANNON!) as well as Cam's "Do Your Thing" with the added crunch of Boogie Down's "The Bridge Is Over." It's a new Uptown anthem! Have we mentioned how much we love mixtapes?

For Promotional Use Only