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For Promotional Use Only

Our favorite rap duo (receding hairlines division) is back like cooked Rogaine. Havoc and his Scrabblephobic brah, Prodigy, are gearing up for the release of their maiden G-Unit voyage, Blood Money, and they're getting fans into a tizzy by dropping this umpteenth installment of Whoo Kid's G-Unit Radio mix series. Because we are professional music journalists, we've spent some time with said promotional item, analyzed its pros, dealt with its cons, and are happy to bring you our assesment. We're like the H&R Block of this mixtape game. Keep your reciepts!

The tape starts off with a sample of Denzel's final speech in Training Day ("I'm putting cases on all you bitches...SHOE PROGRAM!"). That is always, always, always an inspired choice. P and Hav actually sound inspired on this mix, too. We've poked fun at the dudes lately, from P's ever-diminishing display of human emotion to their after school gigs as fashion models. But one must keep in mind, these two recorded the greatest song of all-time, so you can never count them out. On this latest salvo, we're especially fond of the Bob Marley-jacking "Die Already" (a beat Clinton Sparks originally whipped up for Biggie's Duets, but which QB's finest actually do justice to) as well as the Alchemist-laced "The Infamous."

One question though: what's the deal with all the Iovine shout outs these days? Is it like a pre-requisite that dudes let Jimmy's name ring out on their records? You think when dude was producing
Bella Donna he thought Prodigy would be saying his name in the same breath as banana clips? It's a wonderful life.

For Promotional Use Only