Can’t Stand The Reign

Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier, the 1980 US Olympic hockey team defeating Russia, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. All go under the heading: “Nice one, bros.” But none are more impressive than the 1990′s-ruling slam dunks of the Seattle Supersonics’ Shawn Kemp or the atom-splitting “Ante Up” by the Brooklyn combo M.O.P. – this is just the way it is. Send your disagreements to god because he’s the only one who could change our minds. Some cat out there in the matrix decided to combine the two on this life-affirming video from last fall. Let it load. Let it ride. Let the fog of modern life burn away through the power of hardcore hip-hop, slam dunks and the world wide web. Let us find the person responsible for all this and get him a Guggenheim. It’s only right. Why would we post this all now? Check for the possible NBA return of Kemp, who’s apparently shed some serious poundage and is working out for the Dallas Mavericks. Do you believe in miracles?

POSTED April 7, 2006 2:46PM IN MUSIC




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