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Hard Plastic

Last night, in a rare episode of at-home television watchage, we caught MTV2's grime specials inbetween episodes of that Fight Klub freestyle show hosted by the generously-eyebrowed "International P." Before we had a chance to stop and chuckle at the jiggy "garridge" videos used in some scenes (Pay As U Go!), or muse on whether or not these clips were actually getting stateside kids psyched to track down some Wiley on Limewire, in comes a MySpace bulletin from the Plastician (who you might have heard DJing on our EVR show) about his pal JME's new Poomplex mixtape. Go over and listen to tracks from the disc, like the great "Ambitionz Az A Ridah" update "96 Ambitions", exactly the kind of thing that might make MTV News's crossover hopes (which we - duh! - deeply agree with) a little more concrete.

Hard Plastic