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Slice & Dice

Australia's Cut Copy handled the platter selection for the next installment of the Fabric Live series (out domestically on September 5) and after scanning the tracklist we knew even before we threw it on the stereotron that these were our types of jams. DFA's remix of Goldfrapp, MSTRKRFT's "Work On You" and New Young Pony Club's "Get Dancey" are all familiar and recent favorites, plus rewarmed selections like Ciccone Youth's "Into The Groovey" and Roxy Music "Angel Eyes" are always welcome in our life cycle. Then Cut Copy put us on to Daniel Diamond's "Champu" and the unexpectedly banging Ursula 1000 remix to The Faint's "Your Retro Career Exploded." Now that's what we call (dance) music.

Slice & Dice