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Ice And Snow

Clipse have two big holiday gigs coming up in VA this month. They'll be hosting the Star Trak/Re-Up Gang Christmas Party at Norfolk's Granby Theatre on Dec 21st, then following it up with a full show at the Norva on the 22nd, with Fam-Lay and "SPECIAL APPEARANCE FROM STAR TRAK ARTIST?" also on the bill. Homecoming gigs are always a good look - plus, the Brothers Thornton are damn good on stage - so if you're in the area, hit up a TicketMaster (YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SELL) and get ready to put your Spock hands in the air. Oh, and while we're on the subject of Pusha, Malice, and Santa - could it be at all possible for these guys to get a little press for Xmas? Paragraph, blurb, blog post, something - it's like no one wants to write about these dudes! They have a new album out, people might not have heard!

Ice And Snow