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Return Of The Mack

Sorry, had to use the pic again. Still one of the best ever! The reason? Teddy Penderazdoun is back with some more vocoder-ed heat you need in your life this morning (go Google around). First up is the mellow snap-n-b of "Buy You A Drink (Snappin)," supposedly the first single off a forthcoming new LP. Yung Joc sounds comatose on his guest verse (not necessarily a negative), but those synths! Fuck! If Rappa Ternt Sanga standout "Dance Floor" was the sound of dude doing his best Fatboy Slim impression, the keyboard melody on "Buy You A Drink" is T-Pain channelling his inner Moby. Back when Moby had jams. You remember. Anyway, that's not even the most insane statement we're going to make in this post, because the other new song that's floating around samples the soundtrack from Tom Hanks's That Thing You Do!. "Doun Toun,"a collab with Tay Dizm, is a half-goofy, half-awesome bass track built off a sample from "Mr Downtown," one of the imaginary songs from that flick (where it was meant as a spoof of the James Bond/Peter Gunn themes). "Teddy Pain by day, superhero by night..." It's some interesting pop - but what else would you expect from Koooonnnnnvict Muuuuusik?

Return Of The Mack