Flower Children

During all the recent interweb back-n-forth over Young Jeezy’s heated appearance on Monie Love’s radio show, we kept hoping people would just shut up and post an mp3 of “It’s A Shame” or “Grandpa’s Party” instead of their two cents on Jeezy’s listening habits. Y’know? It doesn’t always have to be this vs. that. Fortunately, the homie DJ Soul feels us on this one. He’s happy to drop ATL snowflakes at his regular DJ gigs, but dude is no less excited about the 1992 party, which comes to Noca in NYC tonight – full flyer is here, complete with Monie in the middle. Expect “everything from Buju to TLC to KLF,” says Soul. Done and done.

POSTED January 30, 2007 10:37AM IN MUSIC Comments (1)




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