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Boss Breaks

You'd think that, for a site like us, any post about Snoop's current joint "Boss' Life" would only concern itself with the fact that Snoopy D-O-Double unexpectedly swapped out FADER pal Akon (who croons on the album version) for Nate Dogg and JT the Bigga Figga on the single. Not so! Instead, it gives us the chance to mention the track's piano sample, from "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by the Controllers, which folks of a certain age bracket fondly remember being flipped on the Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event intro track "Everybody Rise," WHICH WAS THE JAM OF JAMS. Nottz! A pre-roid rage Busta! So choice! Don't get us too exited or we'll spend a couple blog posts opining about other underappreciated nuggets in the Bussa Bus canon from back when dude had hair and wasn't so sour all the time and we blasted his music in shitty high school cars. Ok, it would probably just be "Make it Hurt" off Genesis and the other Dilla track on Anarchy with the Stereolab sample. And we could probably go a few paragraphs deep into the mind garden off "Abandon Ship" as well. But still! Go spend money on all these songs right now! Flipmode is the squid-od!

Boss Breaks