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Green Minds

March 08, 2007


The world wide webternets are not talking loudly enough about Devin The Dude's new song with Snoop and Andre 3K "What A Job," available for legal listening on Devin's MySpace. It's got us desperately longing for some splendor in the Spring grass, but what's really weird about the song is that none of them rap about marijuana. JOKES ON YOU. Devin and Snoop's verses are weeded as hell, as expected and desired, but Andre raps a little parable about stealing his music, asking if it'd be okay if he came up on our lunchbreak and plucked a couple kernels off our cob. We actually would be okay with that, but we get the point. Support your favorite rappers, especially Devin when his new album Waitin' To Inhale comes out on March 20th.

Posted: March 08, 2007
Green Minds