Redman’s Return

March 08, 2007

People of Earth (and elsewhere) eagerly anticipating the return of the Redman you know and love: he did awwwright by us. The Doctor held a listening party for Red Gone Wild last night, and the finished results feature all the raised-middle finger, Jersey-baked funk you were waiting for and then some.

Def Squad reunion, including Biz? Check! Reggie and Rocwilder collabs? Check! Dr Trevis, DJ Say WHAAAAT, Nasty Naj and the white reporter guy all returning for skits? Check! RGW is not all throwback looks for Red, however. The amazing “Blow Treez” lays massive 808s under a sample of Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining” so the Dr, Meth, and Ready Roc can pay tribute to their favorite vegetable, while “Freestyle Freestyle” gives Scott Storch another chance to justify his existence with perhaps dude’s weirdest beat in years, a sparse, “PSK”-style thwacker seemingly pounded out with nothing but submarine pings. And that’s not even getting into the all new Red-isms this disc adds to the lexicon (“I’m ET zooted, way out there”) or the shouts to “smoking weed on a go-cart at Bowcraft” that spun the bowties of certain FADER eds raised off Rt 1&9 exits.

Sure, the record is wild long, the rest of the Gilla House crew doesn’t make the most compelling case for their co-stardom (although the dude who goes “she said my chest hair look like taco meat” on “Sumtn 4 Urrbody” gets a pass), and we are really missing “Future Thugs” with Ghost, Luda, and a massive CHiPs loop, but come the fuck on, NEW REDMAN ALBUM IS OUT! If you hate on any CD with Reggie Noble going hard over a Pete Rock beat (and shouting out Ikea in the process) you probably hate life, too. Here's the full tracklist and production credits. Red Gone Wild is in stores March 27th. Buy it.

1. Fire feat. E3 (Produced by E3)

2. Bak Inda Buildin (Produced by Adam Deitch and Chris "Max" Pinset)

3. Put It Down (Produced by Timbaland)

4. Gimmie One (Produced by Pete Rock)

5. F**k Ur Opinion (skit)

6. Sumtn 4 Urrbody feat. Blam, Runt Dog, Ready Roc, Icadon & Saukrates (Produced by Adam Deitch and Chris "Max" Pinset)

7. How U Like Dat feat. Gov Mattic (Produced by Rocwilder)

8. Freestyle Freestyle (Produced by Scott Storch)

9. Walk In Gutta feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Biz Markie (Produced by Erick Sermon)

10. WutchooGonnaDo feat. Melanie Rutherford (Produced by Da Mascot)

11. Dis Iz Brick City feat. Ready Roc (Produced by DJ Clark Kent)

12. Rite Now (Produced by Erick Sermon)

13. Blow Treez feat. Ready Roc & Method Man (Produced by Watts)

14. Pimp Nutz (Produced by Vitamin D)

15. Mr. Ice Cream Man (skit)

16. Hold Dis Blaow! (Produced by Rocwilder)

17. Get ‘em feat. Saukrates & Icadon (Produced by Tha Chill)

18. Merry Jane feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg (Produced by Rocwilder)

19. Gilla House Check (Produced by Da Mascot)

20. No Mo Soopaman Luva (skit)

21. Soopaman Luva 6 feat. E3, Hurricane G & Melanie Rutherford (Produced by Erick Sermon)

22. Soopaman Luva 6 ½ feat. Hurricane G & Melanie Rutherford (Produced by Da Omen)

23. Suicide (Produced by Adam Deitch and Chris "Max" Pinset)

Posted: March 08, 2007
Redman’s Return