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Audio: Return of the Return of the Mac

We can't get enough of Resurrection P and Alchemist's Return of the Mac (even Boykins likes it!), so it was a real treat this week to get these two bonus bullets from Prodigy off the upcoming Big Twin (of Infamous Mobb) LP. Produced by Brooklyn's Sid Roams (who's actually two dudes: Alchemist pals Joey Chavez and Tavish Graham), "Summer in NYC" and "In the Smash" have the same retro appeal as the Return of the Mac cuts, but swap '70s blaxploitation samples for '80s lite R&B ones. We can only hope this revitalized spirit rubs off on Havoc for his solo LP. Find out more on Prodigy and the making of his new album in the current issue of The FADER, on stands and in free, downloadable PDF form right now.

Audio: Return of the Return of the Mac