Audio: Common “The People”

May 07, 2007

Common found the new Premo? Hmm. Here's what we had to say about "The People" a couple weeks ago in our album preview:

Set to be Finding Forever's first single, "The People" begins with a chopped interplay between the sampled "Louder!" and "Yeah!" from Mountain's ultimate breakbeat jam "Long Red." Not long ago "Long Red" was sampled by J Dilla for De La Soul's "Verbal Clap" on The Grind Date. West said that during a meeting with Steven Spielberg. the director told him that he made the film AI in the way he imagined Stanley Kubrick would have told the story. West revealed that this inspired him to produce all his tracks on Finding Forever in the same way the recently departed Dilla would have, in tribute to him.

(Download it at Spine)

Posted: May 07, 2007
Audio: Common “The People”