Audio: The FADER Issue 46 Podcast

May 16, 2007

We stared into the sun today, and after about thirty minutes a squirrel ran up and whispered in our ears, "More jams, please." So here they are! But this time, instead of an expertly swirled mix of diversities, it's all Dead heat, assembled by our good friend and Jerry aficionado Gary Johnson.

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"Cryptical Envelopment" 3/1/69 - Fillmore West

"Turn On Your Lovelight" 1/24/71 - Seattle Center Arena

"New Speedway Boogie" 5/15/70 - Fillmore East

"Tore Up Over You/Legion of Mary" 4/7/75 - Keystone, Berkeley

"Candyman" 6-11-76 - Boston Music Hall

"Terrapin Station" 12-29-77 - Winterland, San Francisco

Posted: May 16, 2007
Audio: The FADER Issue 46 Podcast