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The Daft Decision

When Kanye West picked "Stronger" as his first official single for the upcoming Graduation, there was concern from his record label whether "the streets" would embrace the future sounds of Daft Punk that superstar West sampled. No fear, brahs, LA radio at least seems to be enjoying the opportunity to let the robots rock over the FM dial. Over the past week while listening to Power 106 we heard Big Syphe and Eric D-Lux lead into "Stronger" with Daft Punk's own "Around the World" (a couple days later they intro-ed "Party Like a Rock Star" with Jefferson Starship's "We Built This City") and on Friday night's Cali Caliente Party Mix they went from "Stronger" to Busta and Swizz's similarly Daft-sampling "Touch It." Sure those aren't brain busters, but we're glad dudes are connecting the dots for the earth people.

The Daft Decision