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Audio: Bloc Party, "Hunting For Witches (Crystal Castles Remix)"

We tried to buy this new CC jam on iTunes, where it is a bonus track on Kele and Co's "Hunting For Witches" digital single, out this week. But it wouldn't let us. Instead, it sent us to a warp zone where our iTunes became "iTunes UK," a mystical world of Air Traffic and pounds sterling. £££!!! Moral of the story, our iTunes is still beshitted and Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" is still in the top 10. We went ahead and found this one for y'all elsewhere on the internet though, and will now spend the rest of the day consoling ourselves by imagining a cannibal Fergie gorging herself on Crystal Castles like they were two giant Canadian Ring Dings.

Audio: Bloc Party, "Hunting For Witches (Crystal Castles Remix)"