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Boredoms BOADRUM77

We actually made it down to the park in DUMBO on Saturday for the Boredoms BOADRUM77 show, slugged a warm Sapporo (yum!) and sat in the grass for nearly 90 minutes of surprisingly well-orchestrated mass drum pummeling. The skies didn't open up for a rainbow-breathing magic dragon as promised, but it was a really good time and if it's the last chance we get to see the Boredoms, we couldn't have asked for more. We took some photos and found a YouTube shot from the Brooklyn Bridge that makes us pretty jealous (check 'em after the jump), but the only way you could really get an idea of what it was like is if they decide to make a video of it (there were cameramen on a crane). Thanks Eye, Yoshimi, Hira and Seiichi for making it happen, and also, we would like to purchase one of those vertical electric gong things Eye was playing if someone can hook that up.

Boredoms BOADRUM77