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Video: Priestbird, "Season of the Sun"

File this video under "Silly Names Do Not Make Silly Bands" because we fully slept on Priestbird (changed from Tarantula AD—we didn't listen then either) and "Season of the Sun"'s multivalent and supercrazy layered imagery. Credited to directors Santars, Ron Winter, Coco Rosie, Adam Levite, Jon Leone, Banks Griffin & Nicholas Rubin, Sam Cole, we actually referenced Jon Leone's layer in this post about his new video for Animal Collective. So there you go, we missed one. Priestbird's album In Your Time is out now on one of our favorite labels Kemado Records where you can pick up the mpfree for "Season of the Sun" as well. The Priestbirdudes will also be on tour with Pelican on the East Coast in the second half of July.

Video: Priestbird, "Season of the Sun"