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Dr Dog Marks More Territory

Over shots at the bar last Saturday Zach Miller of Dr Dog shocked us with news that Pat Olivieri, co-inventor of the cheese steak had passed away recently (never mind that when we finally fact-checked it turns out that it was really Pat’s brother Harry, and it happened almost a year ago). Perhaps even more alarming, the West Philadelphian admitted he preferred Geno’s to Pat’s, which is basically sacrilege, but didn’t really care for either (double sacrilege!). We guess it’s understandable—it’s hard to eat a cheese steak with so much facial hair. It isn’t, however, hard to rock out with a beard, as Dr. Dog so ably demonstrated last Thursday night at the Echo. The staccato screams that punctuated “Fools Rush In” highlighted their raucous set, and “California” from their 2006 Takers and Leavers EP inspired a lot of off-key singing along during their encore. The Dog take their pony show to Lebowski Fest in Louisville this Friday and the Siren Festiveal in New York on Saturday, so check them out if you can. Also, don’t forget to pick up free Dog songs all summer at

Dr Dog Marks More Territory