Busy P’s Daft Punk Tour Blog: Montreal

August 09, 2007

Watch your back robots! i'm here! Guy Manuel (left), Thomas Bangalter (right)

Montreal, where the kids are crazy!
This little journey in Canada was just great. Something is happening here.
Daft show was pure love, 8,000 people dancing in the Bell Center.
We then took the bus to La Sat for the after party.... once again, i don't remember a lot...
I did not find my pockets, i was not able to find my camera, so no pictures from this crazy sweaty night.
Hopefuly, our boys Mark the Cobra Snake was there : www.thecobrasnake.com
Next stop NYC, yes yes yes, NEW YORK motherfuckin' CITY!!!!! Best photo of the tour.

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Posted: August 09, 2007
Busy P’s Daft Punk Tour Blog: Montreal