Style Guide: Chicago with the Cool Kids

October 29, 2007

I went to Chicago last week for the very first time (I must say, a very lovely city indeed) and asked the Cool Kids to help me get my style bearings. Chuck and Mikey were out shopping in Wicker Park and with their help, we’ve put together the first of our Stylee Friday’s Style Guides. Check it out after the jump.

Words and Images by Chioma Nnadi

Our hosts: Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks of the Cool Kids
Location: Chicago
Personal style:

Mikey Rocks: “A combination of stuff that ain’t cool and stuff that is.”

Chuck Inglish: “I used to dress for the girls, but now I wear whatever I’m comfortable in. My style fits my personality, ‘cos your wears should be your book cover.”

For Kicks and Outfits:

Saint Alfred

1531 North Milwaukee

Chuck: "When Saint Alfred opened, it really was the first store of its kind in Chicago. Before all we had was Footlocker. Now we come here to pick up new St Alfred tees, sneakers—Jordans and Vans mostly--or just to hang out."

In stock: Rockers NYC, Orisue, Phenomenon, Swagger, Nike, Vans

Leaders 1354

1400 N Milwaukee Ave

Mikey : “You see that bike in the window? We used it in our video for ‘Black Mags.’ I like to buy my hats here. In fact I think I’m gonna get these two right here.”

In Stock: 10 Deep, The Hundreds, Alife

For Vintage:

Vintage Clothing and Denim

1460 North Milwaukee Ave

Chuck: “I like to get vintage track jackets when I see them. They sell out of this store pretty fast so it really depends on the timing. Sometimes they’ll be some Polo pieces in here too.”

In stock: Vintage Nike track jackets and polo for the boys, fur jackets and boots for the ladies.

For rare finds:

The State of Wisconsin

Above Illinois

Mikey : “I have a thing for wolfman/wildman/wild animal shirts and the best place to find them is actually out of town. I’ll go to Wisconsin, to some out-of-the-way roadside Native American stores and buy in bulk.”

For Haircuts:


Fulton and Rockwell

Mikey: “It’s one of two dudes that cut my hair at Hector’s. I get in the chair and we have pretty good understanding of what I need—low, even tapered. Chuck goes there too, but he’s always changing his hair.”

For Mopeds:


2123 N Milwaukee Ave

Chuck: “I have a Puch Pinto moped but now it looks more like a warbike ‘cos I sprayed it gunmetal. Mikey has a red Puch Cobra that looks like a little Harley Davidson. Warbux is the place in Chicago to buy your moped, and you can get them fixed there too.”

Posted: October 29, 2007
Style Guide: Chicago with the Cool Kids