Black Dice in the USA: Part II

November 20, 2007

The Black Dice train keeps rolling through the West, where they played many shows, drank many coffees and hottubbed with other awesome dudes. And as far as the image above:

We caught Cool As Ice on TV in Northern California and enjoyed it quite a bit. We are considering doing our next tour on crotch rockets like Vanilla Ice's band.

The Northwest is filled with fine espresso shacks such as this one pictured here with Danny and Bjorn. They start in Montana and continue west and south until right around the location of this one which was in Mt. Shasta, CA. All roadside coffee since has been completely mediocre. Its such a sad state when you're like "Oh good, a Starbucks."

We lost the camera for a couple days, so there's no pix from SF or LA. But these towns get plenty of press, so you can imagine the shows and landscapes. The shows were big and people were sweet and enthusiastic, and we motored thru the urban landscapes with abandon. Here we are in Thelma & Louise country in Utah or Western CO.

This is one of the less glamorous tasks on the tour. We screenprinted our shirts this time and have to hand-iron them to set the ink. We didn't finish the shirts before we left so we had to iron a couple hundred on our "day off" (really it was more a driving day).

This shot was snapped mid-set in Denver, CO. Colorado has historically been a tough state for us, and we were pleasantly surprised to have a totally decent show this time around.

Aaron models a Funky Face Disguise from a roadside vending machine. We were a little disappointed since the sign boasted that we'd get a moustache and sideburns, but really we just got like half a moustache which could only serve as a crappy goatee. But maybe he could pass as a Los Lobos guy.

Coat Party was a killer band from Lawrence, KS that played in KC with us. They sounded like an updated ESG and had two young ladies on the mic ala the Beastie Boys or the Warlock Pinchers. They also included an ESG cover in their set which seemed a bold move since they already had the ESG sound, but I sorta remember seein The Rapture doing a Gang Of Four cover back in the day.....

The crowd in KC was quite raucous, perhaps the most so since Mass Art '06. Thought these kids might take out some of our gear a couple times, but they really did some crazy limbo moves to avoid knocking our electronics over, which was much appreciated.

This post-apocalyptic warrior more or less is one of our typical devotees these days and we were thrilled to have him upfront dancing his witchy ways thru the show.

We played with Brad Shanks from Blood On The Wall's new band which was called Bandit Teeth. They were awesome and it was cool to hear some new tunes from Big Brad. His dad was outta town, so after the show we kicked it with some cable and the jacuzzi. There were some ladies in the tub too, but the steam screwed the pics up I guess so use your imagination.

Posted: November 20, 2007
Black Dice in the USA: Part II