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Exclusive: TV on the Radio's Killer Sandwich

What other blog has photos of shiv-busting ham & cheeses? NO ONE THAT'S WHO. Maybe someone does, we didn't check. Our dude Daniel Garcia (in Issue 45) sent us these stills from the video he just made with Mixtape Club for TV on the Radio's "Me - I" from their self-released 2002 album OK Calculator. The video and song will both find a home at Adult Swim as part of its next music project the Warm & Scratchy compilation with further contributions from The Rapture, Broken Social Scene, The Raveonettes, Dinosaur Jr. and others. Daniel and Mixtape also created videos for Adult Swim's collaborations with Stones Throw and Def Jux, but we have to say this video might be taking it to another level. It will premiere on Adult Swim on May 21st, but for more SEMI-EXCLUSIVE!!! pics of Crazy Sammich, the Innocent Pigeon and a dancing forest, make the jump.

Exclusive: TV on the Radio's Killer Sandwich