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Stylee Fridays: Vintage In London

We spent the last few days of 2007 scouring the streets of London, from East (up Brick Lane) to West (down the Portobello ) for a spot of overseas trend espionage. Thrifting is pretty much a national institution over there, and vintage furs of varying shapes/sizes/colors popped up at pretty much every corner. It's funny because a few years ago fur was, sartorially speaking, quite taboo, but since Kate Moss started running around in vintage fur gilets things have definitely loosened up a little--although a head-to-toe mauve chinchilla ensemble à la Cam'ron is probably still OTT for most Brits. Our favorite ladies posed in gorgeous furry hats, oversized grizzly coats paired with tartan covered legs, and lady-of-the-manor mink shawls.

Stylee Fridays: Vintage In London