Freeload: Sebastien Tellier, “Divine” + Interview

January 22, 2008

Sebastien Tellier is incredible. He honestly might give less of a fuck than anyone on Planet Earth, and yet he makes meticulously sleazy pop music that obviously is the work of someone totally dedicated to helping humans mate with each other. He is the pied piper of boners. He is the Moses of coitus. Look at dude! What a hero. We just got this new song of his recently and, in addition to giving it to you (ha), we're putting up the brief yet awesome interview from our story on him in the current issue. Read it after the jump.

Download: Sebastien Tellier, "Divine"

Why did you decide to work with Guy-Manuel for this album?

Lust to work with him was based on how much I admire his work; his work on his label Crydamoure and of course, his work with Thomas Bangalter as Daft Punk.
He’s a fantastic producer. He knows how to play and record music, but also knows how to listen to music as if he wasn’t a musician. That’s a huge strength for a producer.
I am the Hound, he is the Fox.

What was the process between the two of you? Did you write and record together or just give him the songs?

First I wrote the album for a year. Guy-Man came home, heard some songs. After a couple glasses of Champagne, he agreed to work on the album.
He was involved at every single step of the production, from drum programming to final mixing.

Did you have some grand idea for the record, for example making a very sensual album to counter all the Daft Punk/Ed Banger hysteria of the last year or so?

I wanted to record erotic music, I wanted to excite people in an Italian way, because Italians do it better. I wanted to have fun, play with a current mood but make it very personal. I intend to play a broken hearted seducer.

Can you explain the term "Sexual Sportswear"? Because it sounds like you are talking about leather headbands or something like that?

In my erotic fantasies, sportswear is very important. I prefer to put down a mini short rather than lift up a mini skirt.

Were there any records you were listening to while writing the album that got in the frame of mind to write the songs?

Lucio Battisti incredible Italian singer
Gene Clark ‘No other’, Guy-Man played me this record at the very beginning of the process, and it was an instant love
Wendy Carlos A Clockwork Orange probably the best synth sounds I’ve ever heard.

Do you think there is a current void in the archetypal risque French male singer-songwriter a la S. Gainsbourg that you can fill? Someone who sings about sex and clearly wants to make music that makes people want to have sex with each other?

Gainsbourg you can’t replace. You need to be very different to reach his level. A lot of french singers-songwriters didn’t understand that!
i would be very happy to be part of this family, making music that make people want to have sex is exactly what I wanted to do with this album.

What are your plans for performing the album live?

it will be like theater, but with no script
emotions galore will be the only rule
i will try to bring the audience to several climaxes in one hour’s time

Freeload: Sebastien Tellier, “Divine” + Interview