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New Dude N Nem

We are lucky to have friends like Noz who IM us fresh jams before they even have 100 views on Youtube. In on the ground floor! It was him who told us about Dude N Nem like ten million years ago (way before you knew) and now he's telling us they've got new (clips of) songs up on their Myspace page. "Feet on Fire" is basically a Squirrel Nut Zippers cover, McDonald's is a McDonald's radio commercial with a really crisp snare roll and "Crazy Song" (whose ridiculous video is above) puts that Soulja Boy "Yaaaaah" song to shame. No one makes no sense like these dudes. "Girl I hope you have an appetite/ because we're going to Mcdonald's" and "Girl I know I just met ya/ but can I splurge on ya." Maybe these are protest songs about the recession.

New Dude N Nem