Stylee Fridays: We’re Desperate

February 15, 2008

Style editor Chioma Nnadi just got back from Magic and she is way too busy to write Stylee Fridays this week, so instead we had editorial assistant Sam Hockley-Smith talk about some shirts.

Last night I got a package from my uncle and it had a whole bunch of flannel shirts in it and for a second I was like, Man can I ride for flannel for much longer? I thought about it for like three seconds and it turns out that I absolutely can. Like, remember when dudes were always wearing t-shirts? When was that? I think that was a 2006 thing when "streetwear" was actually "baby clothes." Flannel is kind of a streetwear thing which means a few things:

1) It is already out of style

2) Too many people wear it

3) Streetwear stepped up from baby clothes.

I'm not even professing to be a style maven or something weird like that, but I know that I like shirts with buttons (goes with everything: pants, socks, shoes, no shoes, no socks) and sometimes a flannel shirt is just the illest shirt with a button. I do not doubt that very soon I will think that it is played out/I will play it out by only wearing it and nothing else. But sometimes you have to go a little deeper, like why am I wearing flannel? Do I wish I was a farmer? Absolutely not! Except I would totally drink milk in a flannel shirt-lambswool sweater combo on a field with my farmer girlfriend (can you wear suspenders with a flannel shirt and a sweater? I imagine those being there too. This is why Chioma should be writing this). So I guess the answer is that I would wear the flannel on a farm, but I would not do farm work (not cut out for it, soft hands,mud). Luckily I live in a city so it is not even an issue and I can wear my flannel in peace (ie get silently berated for wearing it).


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Stylee Fridays
Posted: February 15, 2008
Stylee Fridays: We’re Desperate