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Freeload: Santogold, "LES Artistes (XXXchange Remix)"

We've been listening to Res' How I Do a lot lately (slept on), of which Santi White wrote all but one of the songs. And before its remix, "LES Artistes" had a similar neo soul bass grit and snare snap. But with XXXchange regrinding it into electronicity, its got a more Johnny Mnemonic glisten happening. It's streaming now over at RCRD LBL, but the entire internet is leaking the mp3, so here's the final mastered version for you straight from the source. Make sure to visit Santi's RCRD LBL page frequently to get the latest (including where she's playing in Austin next month).

Download: Santogold, "L.E.S. Artistes (XXXchange Remix)"

Freeload: Santogold, "LES Artistes (XXXchange Remix)"