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NYC: You Wear It Well

We can't deny that fashion events take on a bit of a petting zoo feel at times, with all the gaping and arm waving and the fur and the feathers we were constantly having flashbacks of Elton John and The Lion King. So we weren't surprised when last night at the Tribeca Grand we watched Diane Pernet and Dino Dinco's You Wear It Well and had this very sensation. While we found ourselves a bit de-coutured in our bright pastels and plaid prints, we were still sporting the usual FADER Street Style free liquor smirk. Pernet was there in her iconic black head dress and muumuu outfit, and we managed to settle in for the long haul, previewing thirty film shorts ranging from a montage piece by Maison Martin Margiela, a transgender shock piece by photographer Erwin Olaf and even interview bits by Pernet herself. While most of the films are exclusive to the You Wear It Well screening, we snagged a couple and We're not necessarily riding hard for some of these bits, but if you turn the lights down real low, pour some vodka on the rocks and have your friend sit behind you and yell, "thats hot!" periodically, you'll get the idea.

NYC: You Wear It Well