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Audio: Busy P f. Murs, "To Protect And Entertain"

A new track called "To Protect & Entertain" by that dude Busy P and featuring Murs is out in the digital world right now, and is probably off the Ed Banger comp of the same name out at the end of May. If the beat sounds familiar, it's because it debuted in instrumental form as "Pedrophilia" on our limited-edition FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch last year. The beat still has that Parisian G-Funk slump and Murs drops references to LA's doucheball culture—The Standard Downtown, Cinespace, Jeremy Scott, etc—but he really takes it to the Laugh Factory with this outro adlib: "Shout out to all my n-words, all my black people in France, for being the only other niggers to burn shit down when the white people fuck with you. We don't take any shit." We hear there's also a version with Cool Kids on it. Pedro, don't hold out on us.

Audio: Busy P f. Murs, "To Protect And Entertain"