Freeload: Chikita Violenta, “Laydown” & “War”

April 22, 2008

Mexico City's Chikita Violenta are offering up a couple new songs via RCRD LBL. Once you get past the fact that there is a band in Mexico City that is making music that sounds a lot like Broken Social Scene (probably because they share a producer in Dave Newfield, the dude that is responsible for making BSS sound like the entire population of Canada is playing on their albums), you realize that these guys are making sweeping wall of sound songs that sound like being 16 again. Actually for real though, being 16 was kind of lame, but Chikita Violenta do make really warm pop songs that sound like being encased in a cocoon made out of guitars. Gross?

Download: Chikita Violenta, "Laydown" & "War"

Check out Chikita Violenta live at the Levi's®/FADER Fort here

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Freeload: Chikita Violenta, “Laydown” & “War”