Coachella Wrap: Day Two

By now we already feel like festival warriors, and no matter how many showers we take we still have festival dirt caking our bodies, but we soldiered on in anticipation of Prince as well as the kajillion other great bands that were playing (and unfortunately scheduled at the same time as each other. Shouts to MIA and Dwight Yoakam, who we missed but were probably great.) Check out our rundown of day two after the jump, and keep an eye out for the final day later on.

We sweated more than ever during day two of Coachella, probably because it was like 101 degrees. Day two also provided the best celebrity sightings, including Nicole Richie and that guy from Good Charlotte (you know the one), Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (who has the smoothest face to ever exist, and it is actually kind of creepy), and David Hasselhoff. When do you ever expect to see David Hasselhoff? Like never.

After dancing it up with our dressed-in-white-bros in Hot Chip, we went over to the mainstage to catch some of Kraftwerk—it was pretty good, but also dudes standing completely still and playing old electronic jams can only occupy our attention for so long (the picture of the old computer on the giant screen was major though!)

From there we went to see Animal Collective. Probably the best thing about Animal Collective is that they are a jam band without actually sounding like a jam band—like, you just know there is totally bootleg trading going on. So does that mean that all the raver kids that were there will be trading zip files from like every Animal Collective set? Um, yeah apparently. We just checked and that shit is already up for download.

Next we watched Portishead, kind of an epic downer, but that was always the best thing about them anyway. They ran through all of our old favorites, which, it turns out is pretty much every Portishead song. By the end of their set we were slumped and mentally deflated in a corner, about to cry and eating what basically amounted to an elementary school lunch cheeseburger.

After that, we went to the mainstage along with every single person at Coachella to catch Prince. Even though Prince wasn't really allowing photography and we didn't have the super huge lense that would have allowed us to capture his performance it was still the best thing we saw all weekend. Here are the moments when we lost our shit: when he brought Morris Day out, when Sheila E came out to do “The Glamorous Life," and then wailed on the drums for a lot of minutes, and also ALL OF IT, even the dubious covers of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” and Radiohead’s “Creep.” Actually, "Creep" wasn't dubious, it was totally weird and random and out of the blue. We walked out of the festival feeling like we somehow found a way to roll the years 1970-1993 into a joint and smoke it. What does that even mean? Think on that one and check out our coverage of the final day of Coachella tomorrow.

Coachella Wrap: Day Two