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FADER TV: No Age Likes Hats

So you know we've loved No Age since they were born basically—our first mention of them on this blog coming way back in February of 2007, then a weird one-off profile on the label that first put out their singles Teenage Teardrops, then a Gen F in FADER 44, then a full-fledged feature in FADER 48, a million blog posts, FADER shows, and finally the coup de grâce… a hat. Yep, No Age designed a New Era fitted for us (don't worry we'll be giving some away soon), and we were so stoked on it that we threw a party the day before they unleased the Pitchfork 9.whatever-scoring Nouns upon the world. And here is a somewhat crappy video of the dudes playing a song from that album, "Here Should Be My Home", in full technicolor SCHNIPPERVISION.

FADER TV: No Age Likes Hats