Ryan McGinley and Sigur Ros History Lesson

May 28, 2008

With yesterday's debut of Sigur Ros' Ryan McGinley-assisted video for "Gobbledigook," we were compelled to search our magazine archives for the July 2002 issue of Dazed & Confused where ex-Vicer, current-Street Carnager Gavin Mcinnes wrote about spending twenty-four hours with McGinley. Here is a selection from the article's opening:

"Yo that dude is fucking hot!" says Ryan pointing to the cock-eyed lead singer of Sigur Ros. We were looking at a magazine on the plane and we were on our way to Midnight Sun in Iceland; a pretentious fashion show with tons of free booze and great parties. After a ten-day work bender of sitting in front of computers and slaving in the darkroom, we were ready for a ten-day booze bender of cum, coke and fist-fights. Ryan was looking smug and I could tell he had convinced himself he was going to find that dude, photograph him and do lots of stuff that I don't like to think about...

Soon after arriving in Reykjavik, I noticed Ryan taking the Sigur Ros guy's picture. The rest of the night involved following the unimpressed singer from bar to bar until the two of them were necking like Puerto Rican teenagers playing hooky.

And now, six years later, the two are making videos together of naked wood shenanigans. Who says romance is dead?

Ryan McGinley and Sigur Ros History Lesson