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Video: Blackblack, "Emerald Forest"

We just ran through this once and typed real fast but looks like these are the complete lyrics sung with a full mouth and not a lot of air gulps, bright burst of Wonderland tale: "Mr badger won't you take me to the forest it is lovely it is glowing green and dark as little light shines through the bark oh won't you dance oh in the forest hear the voices that are calling eyes are peeping peeping through, expressionless but magical. Look at the old forest king who sits on his thrown the oldest tree watching over twilight parties, comforting the honey bees. Oh emerald forest emerald forest I love you." Blackblack, daughters of Bauhaus and member of Phantom Planet, Brazilian travelers and general on and off music makers returned to the stage, playing The Smell this past Friday and they have a number of California shows coming up, something that hasn't happened for a bit. Check them at the LA Ramada Inn June 14th, word up! Their song "Emerald Forest" is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to bleak minds in a small lifetime, damp snare and tiny animal friends. Do you think it is gentrified in the Emerald Forest? We don't want to live there in glass condos we want to live there in wood cabins.

Video: Blackblack, "Emerald Forest"