Freeload: More Cumbia From Bersa Discos

June 03, 2008

Shawn Reynaldo and Oro11 of the Bersa Discos label put out one of our favorite totally out of left field releases of the last whatever months, and now they are coming back for round two (buy it here). Featuring Oro11's epic reworking of Unk's "Walk it Out" blended with Pibes Chorros' "Que Calor," as well as a bunch of other remixes by DJ Negro from Buenos Aires and also one of the dudes from Lemonade that will cause people to come up to us and be like, Oh what is that and then because the internet exists and we aren't covering up the labels on our records we will tell them because music is for everyone. Also, in their continuing effort to bring cool people to San Francisco, the dudes are bringing South Rakkas Crew to perform in SF for the first time. If you're there, hit up The Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell st.) this Saturday, June 7th, we will be there in spirit.

Download: Oro11, "Pibes Walk Out"

Download: DJ Negro, "Mundo Querido"

Posted: June 03, 2008
Freeload: More Cumbia From Bersa Discos