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NYC: High Places Play Near Lots Of Children


When we walked into Stuyvesant Town to see a free High Places show we felt like we had entered some sort of hidden family nature utopia. The scene was like the ideal summer afternoon you only get in the city maybe once or twice a year when the weather is beautiful and no one is pissing each other off because you’re all in a park and there are trees and a big fountain. Also, nothing can suck when the sun is shining and you’re listening to John Lennon and Paul Simon disco remixes. Pocketknife, who spun before High Places, had dads running up to him asking about his Iron and Wine remix before running back to their family picnics.

When High Places came on a whole bunch of little kids ran up to the stage with balloons, organizing themselves in perfect straight lines and then looping around in circles and running away. We lazed around in the grass and relaxed, thinking the whole time about how cool it would have been if they played in our neighborhood when we were five.

NYC: High Places Play Near Lots Of Children