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Freeload: Gang Gang Dance, "House Jam" (XXXchange Remix)

There was a time when it was rare to get a song with an actual chorus/verse structure out of Gang Gang Dance. And we loved them for it. We're not sure if the original version of "House Jam" is as poppy as this, but if GGD or XXXchange remixing GGD want to go ahead and throw Cure guitar riffs and Timbaland synths into a song, we're not going to try and stop them. Also, we are not going to stop them because "House Jam" is from the album that we wrote about in FADER 44, and that was forever ago (March 2007) and this album is still not out. Members of Gang Gang Dance, know this: we are waiting for this with a patience we pretty much only reserve for the next Outkast album.

Download: Gang Gang Dance, "House Jam" (XXXchange Remix)

Freeload: Gang Gang Dance, "House Jam" (XXXchange Remix)