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Freeload: Girls, “Hellhole Ratrace”

July 18, 2008

There is a tendency on this blog to describe a lot of music as "summery." This is not because every song we listen to includes a ukelele or four part harmonies, but because we are blogging and not playing outside in the summertime (RIYL: tumbling with beach balls, hacky sacking and enjoying the sound of birds). This denial of summer permeates our every thought, so when we hear something that even remotely reminds of where we could be… you get the drift.

Case in point: San Francisco's Girls, a band featuring zero girls, a few dudes and happy lyrics paired with mopey melodies and shoegaze guitar explosions. The song is called "Hellhole Ratrace" (not summery) but sounds like the soundtrack to the beach prom scene in Just One of the Guys (summery). Girls played last night at the often sweltering Market Hotel, and they were joined by Suckers, who photoshop their heads onto sticks on a beach and make flyers with really scary broccoli.

Download: Girls, "Hellhole Ratrace" ( found via Daniel Arnold, download from RCRD LBL)

Posted: July 18, 2008
Freeload: Girls, “Hellhole Ratrace”