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Video/Freeload: Stricken City, “Tak O Tak” + Free EP

July 18, 2008

We stumbled across London's Stricken City while doing our regular check up on Adventures Close To Home and had a hard time initially deciding whether we were going to get into them or not. Ultimately, lead singer/Korg-er Rebecca Raa's awkward dancing and rad voice led us to do believe that, yes, we will get into it. And our committment was rewarded with a free copy of Stricken City's debut EP, which includes "Tak O Tak" as well as the pretty great, pretty mellow "Bardou" and "The Traveller" on it. As if that weren't enough, we found a couple more excellent demos on their MySpace, both of which you can download too. And then you can stop being greedy.

Download: Stricken City EP
Download: Stricken City, "Better As A Girl" + "Killing Time"

Posted: July 18, 2008
Video/Freeload: Stricken City, “Tak O Tak” + Free EP